We are experts specializing in Bird Mounts and Bird taxidermy. With 15 years of experience in mounting Birds we prefer to focus on realistic mounts from nature.  Our reference comes from nature not from other peoples work.  We reproduce natural mounts concentrating on what Birds really do rather than making them do what we want.  This is where we get the "Capturing nature as it happens" .Ecessary  to perfect the smallest details.  Specializing in the art of Waterfowl, Upland Game and Turkey gives an advantage in the look and quality of every mount.  Your result is a show quality mount with minimal wait time.  ​

Whether you are Duck Hunting, other types of bird hunting and believe you want a bird mount, The most important thing to know is to avoid FREEZER BURN!  This will ruin any specimen.  A layer of air between the bird and packaging will dry out the skin and cause feather loss.  This is a bad thing.  Very bad thing.

With any method of preservation just remember to get out as much air as possible.  don't worry about messed up feathers, blood and such.  We can fix those things but we can't fix freezer burn.​


In the Field:Retrieve the bird by hand if at all possible. Do not have the dog retrieve it. Pick it up carefully by the feet or bill to keep from pulling out feathers. Do not put the bird in a plastic bag until it has had time to cool. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight. Carry the bird out of the field with care

​After the Hunt:  When you get back from the field take the bird and lay its head back and tuck the wings in. carefully put it in a plastic bag and gently squeeze the air out of the bag. Double or triple bagging it will help from freezer burn. Seal the bag with a twist tie or tape. DO NOT wrap the bird in newspaper or paper towels. A nylon will help prevent further feather damage, but it still needs to be bagged in plastic.  Call your taxidermist and deliver it to them as soon as possible

Preserving your Bird when you get home:  Vacuum seal it.  If you have a "Seal a Meal" or equivalent this is the best method.  Just tuck the head under the wing, place it in a suitable length bag and seal. Vacuum bags used for pillows, clothes, and comforters available at the local superstore are also suitable.Wrap your Bird in plastic wrap.  Tuck your birds head under a wing.  Wrap him thoroughly with plastic wrap Place in a heavy duty garbage bag tightly. Place in another garbage bag and tape around the outside of the bag trying to evacuate all the air 


Retrieve the bird by hand if at all possible. 

Don't send the dog unless your dog has a soft mouth. 

Always carry the Bird by its feet even when picking it up

Cool down the bird.  If you put in an ice chest always insulate it from any ice

The main thing you want to avoid is feather loss or breakage. Don't worry about blood or wet feathers.

Carefully look through the bird by pulling the wings and feet apart for a good harvest.

Pay close attention to the scapular feather groups --- the long shoulder feathers --- and the side feather groups on waterfowl.

Make sure no major groups of feathers are not missing.

Broken legs,wings,and shot holes or a shot through the bills are not a problems